PROPHACY - Writer (ASCAP) / Singer / Performer / Producer / Graphic Artist / Photographer

A Midwest born and raised lyrical powerhouse with an original style that has been branded as "VENTURE SOUND". Prophacy can only be described as a complex hybrid mix of Classical / R&B / Hip-Hop / Rock sprinkled with a hint of Gothic seasoning. It has been said by other artists such as Reckless (of the United Kingdom) along with radio DJ’s such as Houston "Strongarm" Alexander (of Omaha, NE’s 106.9 The Power), that Prophacy is one of the most stunning vocal stage performers in Hip-Hop today. As an independent artist Prophacy has even gained respect and worked alongside established artists such as: Chino XL, Tech N9ne, Paul Wall and Bizzy Bone (Bone Thugs N Harmony). That work ethic has also seen the artist being featured on tracks produced by some of the industries most talented producers from around the world such as The Legendary Traxster, Danel Beatz, Epademik (The Dead Beatz), and DJ Quik.


As a registered ASCAP publisher / writer, Prophacy comes with a business knowledge that many other independent artist seem to lack. He has already made distribution deals with physical music stores as well as with digital music retailers, both national and international, as well as toured and worked with international talent. Looking ahead towards the future, Prophacy plans on owning and running his own fully functional independent record label along with starting up a clothing company, “ThuGotH”. Most recently though in a joint venture with the owner of GuerRevolution Records. Prophacy released his self-titled sophomore album on October 31st of 2014. The album’s release was also coupled with the launch of which is the official website of the artist. “PROPHACY” the album has already gained positive reviews from music sites along with print publications, and similar progressive success can also be said for the artist’s official website. So if you have any sense of the drive and determination that it would take to make a reaching impact coming from a non-music mecca area such as Omaha, NE / Council Bluffs, IA, which are both widely overlooked when it comes to musical talent. I'm sure that you can tell, Prophacy has a great sense of focus concerning what he wants to do, and also how he is going achieve getting there.


More than just another singer, more than just another Rapper. Prophacy is a soulful honest man coming from a difficult life full of violence, molestation, instability and a family that turned a blind eye to him as an adolescent. That though is part of what fuels his music to be so genuine and heartfelt to any listener. Prophacy is an artist of the people; he also is a representative pillar and supporter within the Afro-Goth / Black Alternative community with his creation of “ThuGotH AngHelLickS”, a website group that promotes models within those fields. As a true artist of purpose, a producer, and also credited / published song writer. Prophacy relies strongly on what his heart and soul tell him, NOT changing fads or commercial pressures. Taking risks and not allowing himself to follow the musical fads of the day which has become the thing to do especially within the Rap genre these days. Prophacy instead chooses to go against the given grain and truly work hard to bring real music with honest messages to his listeners.